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 Hi there.  I'm a new convert to Agatha Christie's work.  I've read a few in the past, and sort of passed her off as formulaic and full of unfair play, but I'm now making my way through all of the Miss Marple books, and I am in love!  I started with Murder at the Vicarage, and am now on A Caribbean Mystery.  I can't get my hands on them fast enough!  Any thoughts, comments, stories on Miss Marple you would all like to share?
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Welcome to the community and to the world of agatha christie! :D

My favourite detective is Poirot but Miss Marple has a special place in my heart.

I think "Nemesis", "A Carribean Mystery" and "The Body in the Library" are some of my favourites.

I can't completely remember the plot for "Murder at the Vicarage" - I read it long ago. can you summarize it briefly?

I've written Agatha Christie meta on my journal, too. If you're interested, you can read them here.
Hi. In The Vicarage, Colonel Protheroe is murdered mysteriously, and of course all fingers point to the wife, but it may not be her...I like it best because it takes place exclusively in St. Mary Mead.
My first Marple was A Murder is Announced, and it's still my favourite. Check that one out next!
I read it a couple of weeks ago. It was good! I was fooled. So far, the only one I've figured out completely is They Do it With Mirrors.
hehe, love the icon!
Thanks! I'm insane over Lost.
I love the supper club short stories. Tuesday Night Murders etc.
I did, too. I have a collection of Marple stories!
I also like the Tommy and Tuppence mysteries. And So Many Steps to Death
I started with Miss Marple [because I loved the PBS show] and I'm not sure which was the first I read. I liked "Body in the Library" and "A Murder is Announced". Right now I'm reading "Nemesis", the sequel of sorts to "A Caribbean Mystery".
I still enjoy her stories, but Poirot is a bit more my style. Of his stories, "The Big Four" is probably my favorite. =)
Yeah, I finished the Caribbean Mystery last night, and I (ashamedly) didn't get Miss Marple's reference to Nemesis (she called herself Nemesis)...any light you can shed on it?
Actually, I'm still not sure on that. lol. I'm guessing that she seems to be a "nemesis" to evil or crime.
[It says in Nemesis that Mr. Rafiel felt that she had a sense for evil and something about how she could be ruthless. [I don't quite remember, as it was at the beginning of the book]]
But this is merely conjecture as far as the use of the term. =)
I'm more of a Poirot girl, but the first Christie I ever read was a Marple, and it's still my favourite: "A Murder is Announced."

"Sleeping Murder" and "The Moving Finger" are good too.
-first comment here- >.>;

My first Miss Marple book was "A Murder is Announced" (my first overall Christie book being "And Then There Were None"), and I thought it was fantastic. :D Since then I've only read "The Body in the Library" from Marple, as my remaining Christies are all Poirots. (I hope to remedy this soon. :D)