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Appointment with Death

I just finished this Poirot mystery about the most evil mother on the planet. Basically, this is the woman that no would miss when she was gone...or murdered. Poirot's called in because so many have a motive to kill the cruel, domineering, old Mrs. Boynton that her mysterious death has to be murder. The Boynton family were vacationing in Jerusaleum and are unlucky enough to have Hercule Poirot making a stop there as well. Then the morbid fun begins.

I loved the book and thought it was so intense. I read it in something like two days. Well, then again, that happens with all of Christie's novels! The person I suspected of being the killer wasn't and that really surprised me - which is a good thing!

Anyway, here's my question. Did people like the ending? Did Poirot deliberately set up the final meeting to trap Lady Westholme into killing herself? Then why not invite her with the Boynton family, Sarah King, Dr. Gerard and Cope? Westholme (along with Miss Pierce) were at least witnesses to the crime - and naturally suspects in the world of mystery. If he wanted to arrest Lady W., Colonel Carbury was in the room with Poirot - he could round up a few officers if he needed to to at least detain Lady W. Did he WANT Lady W. to kill herself to save herself the shame of going back to prison?

It just bothered that Lady W. seemed to take the easy way out of things. It was a great twist having her be the murderer (I knew something was fishy when Sarah talked to Mrs. B in the hotel in that final scene). It just bothers me that Poirot might have known Lady W was listening in next door as the solution was announced.

Maybe it's just me too. I did read this right after "Death on the Nile". The ending on that one bothered me as well which probably didn't make this one work for me. I mean, I liked it...I just didn't really agree with it.
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