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First post :D

Hello all! I'm new here, and I love Agatha Christie, though I definitely haven't completed all of her mysteries.

The ones I've read so far include:
And Then There Were None
The Tuesday Club Murders
Why Didn't They Ask Evans?
A Murder is Announced
The ABC Murders
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
...and probably some others...

Don't worry, I'm definitely spiffing up my list with a collection of Miss Marple stories that I'm currently reading.

And I'd love suggestions.

Though I find myself liking the books not focused on Poirot or Marple, I can't help but wonder who the better detective is out of the two. Having not read a lot of either collection to make a sensible pick, I've decided to bring my question to this community.

Which Christie protagonist do you think is better: Hercule Poirot or Jane Marple?
*Note* Better can encompass things including deduction, ability, intuition, intelligence, readability (as in which character kept you hooked more,) consistence, assistance, composure, etc.

Also, it would be awesome if you explained your reasons why one is better than the other.
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I happen to like both Poirot and Miss Marple. For me, it's more about the story than about which detective is solving the case. In fact, one of my favorite Christie novels - "Towards Zero" - doesn't feature either sleuth.
Though I love both Poirot and Miss Marple, I ADORE Tommy & Tuppence... probably because my very first Agatha Christie was "N or M?" (and, also, I see my husband and myself becoming very like T&T in 20 or 30 years. :) ) Enjoy your continuing AC research! ;)
I agree with the preference for Tommy and Tuppence. But above that, I prefer Jane. I think she's the better detective because she's more alive to nuance and respecting the people around her and their observations, even if they don't have it exactly right.

I was thinking of Sleeping Murder where she goes to help Gwennie and believes in her and what she saw. Can you imagine Poirot handling that?
and I prefer Poirot without any doubt^^ especially the whole company Poirot-Hastings-miss Lemon. it's just that very classical detective device that I naively love so much))
I think it has to be Poirot because I prefer the time in which his stories were set (1930s) - I love the interplay between Hastings and Poirot as well.'s almost like choosing your favorite child because Miss Marple really does interact with the rest of the characters on a more human level and always seems to put the local authorities in their place. Maybe I have just been watching the Mystery series on the telly too much these days - need to dust off the old novels again. I started to read a Christie novel without either character that took place in Egypt but I couldn't get into it b/c I was vainly searching for Poirot and Miss Marple!!! Keep on reading!
Since you commented on my post a while back, I feel it's only fair I do the same: Poirot without a doubt. He's more of a take-action detective while Miss Marple is a "stand-in-the-background-until-it's-time-to-reveal-whodunnit" detective. I find the former much more interesting to read about.