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First post :D

Hello all! I'm new here, and I love Agatha Christie, though I definitely haven't completed all of her mysteries.

The ones I've read so far include:
And Then There Were None
The Tuesday Club Murders
Why Didn't They Ask Evans?
A Murder is Announced
The ABC Murders
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
...and probably some others...

Don't worry, I'm definitely spiffing up my list with a collection of Miss Marple stories that I'm currently reading.

And I'd love suggestions.

Though I find myself liking the books not focused on Poirot or Marple, I can't help but wonder who the better detective is out of the two. Having not read a lot of either collection to make a sensible pick, I've decided to bring my question to this community.

Which Christie protagonist do you think is better: Hercule Poirot or Jane Marple?
*Note* Better can encompass things including deduction, ability, intuition, intelligence, readability (as in which character kept you hooked more,) consistence, assistance, composure, etc.

Also, it would be awesome if you explained your reasons why one is better than the other.
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